ExecuSearch - Accounting & Finance - St. Louis Missouri

About Us

ExecuSearch Mission
Our mission is to provide St. Louis corporations with high caliber financial talent while offering candidates exposure to the best companies and positions in the area.

As the president of ExecuSearch, I am dedicated to finding applicants the best possible fit for their career.

Ron Theby, CPA

Company Profile
ExecuSearch has placed hundreds of applicants in professional accounting and financial analysis positions since 1985.

We are long standing members of the MSCPA, Missouri Society of CPAs.

Both employers and candidates have and continue to rate us highly.

"After our initial meeting, it was apparent that ExecuSearch understood my skills and job desires. They rapidly got me in front of the right people in the right companies. The breadth of their accounting and financial network for the St. Louis area is unparalleled"

D. Hopkins.


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